A Flawless Hen Party…

And so my blogging experience is now being put to use – I must admit that I am not really sure what I am doing most (if any) of the time on this site (or many others) but I am trying!

Due to my religious following of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride blog (I am so glad I found Kat before I got married – she has helped us to get so many ideas perfect for us, including our wonderful videographers (the Costa Sisters (http://www.costasisterproductions.co.uk) before they inevitably become international legends!) I have been thinking about this competition for a whole month now, and now seems the ideal time…  The other half is away to the Glasgow rugby game and I have a 37,5ml bottle of prosecco…  Genius must surely follow!

So here is my link to the wonderful Banana Moon Clothing company (I hope I have done it right!)

Firstly, the whole idea of having a hen night fills me with fear… This coming from the fact that I have many individual groups of friends from all my past experiences (including people I have met through work, primary school, those awkward high school years, the university years etc) who don’t know each other and all come complete with their own special little “quirks”, which makes the planning of a night for all these people extremely difficult!  

Examples of the “quirks” we can expect range from; girls who won’t eat in front of other people, girls who believe every night out means you have to become surgically attached to the floor with alcohol poisoning, girls with strong opinions verging from being a staunch Socialist to the most Conservative.  All this along with the usual considerations of vegetarians and non-drinkers (I wonder what that would be like…?)

So in the interest of being able to write a post about MY ideal hen party, I will just assume that all my friends will be happy to go along with the plans I make (my maid of honour/sister doesn’t seem to realise this is her duty traditionally, and I am letting that happen as my sister insists on giving me all presents with cupcakes on as she thinks that’s my “style” – at best I am indifferent to images of cupcakes, I do like to bake but it is unrelated to my home decorating/wardrobe choices).

My bridesmaid have the average age of 13 – my 29 year old sister, 12 and 7 year old nieces and my 5 year old godchild – and I have always insisted that I want them to be involved in some way in the festivities (much to the horror of my friends for some reason!)  So the hen party would have to consist of 2 separate elements; the Away-Hen and the Home-Hen.


The Away-Hen

Due to my love of being thrown screaming through the air at high speeds, I have already promised the 3 kids that I will take them to Alton Towers as a hen-do.  All the potential hens will be invited but informed of the impending Home-Hen, as I don’t want people to feel obliged to spend all their money trying to attend both hens and a wedding to boot! (Especially as the trip to Alton from Glasgow can be quite a trek – particularly when there is no car available!)

So as well as a theme-park, Alton Towers hotel has a restaurant, bar, entertainment and a water-park – with the added bonus that no one would overdo the booze when they know there is a day of stomach turning rides or the miserable ride home… Excellent when there are kiddie-winks around!

Obviously, this is not to everyone’s tastes – So onto the Home-Hen!


The Home-Hen

The Home-Hen would get the MOB, MOG and other older guests in on the action as well – combining a shower and a hen in one hopefully!  

The Dress Code – Tuxedos and Heels


Ever since I saw this picture, I knew this is what I wanted (not Martine McCutcheon – I only today realised that’s who this is!) but the dress code is perfect…

I want to walk into my hen – no wait, I want to SWAGGER in – and finger-gun people as I walk by, because I know I look the tits (pardon me).  I think it gives a bit of a steer towards what to wear and encourages the dusting off of lovely (but probably painful torture device-like) shoes – which I will wear for a total of about 3 minutes before bringing out the flats.


The Venue – Wild Cabaret, Merchant City, Glasgow


Food.  Champagne.  Cabaret.

What more could you possibly want?!  I have heard only good things about this place since it opened only a few months ago, and I have been dying to go!  There is nothing I like better than feathers, sequins and a magician with a hairpiece…  

The plan is to book a table for dinner, where everyone can stuff themselves with delicious food, champagne cocktails and cake (non-negotiable), watch a few hours of Cabaret (and try to get ourselves involved in some way!) while maybe trying to play some good games I have discovered through my best friend Pinterest.  If we manage to get everyone blushing at least once in the night, it will be the perfect evening.

After this (assuming there is a closing time), I would then have booked an area in the nearby Corinthian Club for all those who are still up for staying out dancing and causing some mischief, which is open until 7am and give you a cooked breakfast and orange juice at the end – something I have never managed to stay up to see… Yet.

All in all, although I am entirely dreading the need to have a hen party, it would never affect how excited I am to be marrying my best friend, I would do it a million times over if I had to to get to share my life with that man.  (Sorry for the sappy bit, but he is just my ONE).

And now that my wonderful, witty and brilliant husband-to-be has returned from rugby (and is sniffing around the computer to see what I am up to) and the prosecco has magically and mysteriously evaporated into thin air…  I think that should be me – I would LOVE to win this prize as it would be a great incentive to get people to come out (I have so many friends who insist they have NO money whatsoever to come to planned outings, regardless of payday etc – it is a very regular occurrence even for nights in?!?) and just enjoy themselves.

So here’s hoping I have done my link properly (first ever link – GO ME!) and long live Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride!





8 months and counting…

So today marks 8 months until the big day…

It is amazing to think that we have been engaged for nearly 10 months and there is only 8 to go to the day!  It seems like it all happened only yesterday…*dreamy drifty lines indicating dream sequence*…


It was 29th June 2013, the 3rd anniversary of our first date.  We went camping in Balmaha along the shores of Loch Lomond, having been given a 3-man tent for Christmas 18 months before by the future in-laws.  We pitched our tent in the inevitable drizzle of a Scottish afternoon, and I noticed that David wasn’t his normal self.  I took this to be due to his hatred of camping, I assumed since the last time we went, the windows were leaking, the inflatable mattress was sinking and he had a serious bout of claustrophobia at 3am…  But no…

I should also mention how the morning of the anniversary went… He gave me a card (which made me cry, he doesn’t buy cards and this one was the sweetest and what he had written still makes me tear up… even thinking about it…) and a gift, the QOTSA new album Like Clockwork…  And I just thought, this guy loves me!

I hadn’t bought him anything, as I had said that going camping could be our gift to ourselves (not sure why this seemed logical to me at the time, as I am the one who loves camping…) so I immediately felt bad about it… But not too bad, as I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t proposing to me…   ( I had been hoping for it for 18 months up to this point and never having had a single indicator in that direction… never say die!!)

Anyway, we went out for the day in Balmaha.  I bought us a big lunch in the local pub (the Oak Tree Inn – anyone visiting Loch Lomond needs to come here, it is so beautiful and the food is great) – anniversary present through the belly as usual.

The pub was having the annual food and drink festival that day as well so we went around the stalls in the back garden area, bought some raffle tickets and listened to a young band singing quite folk-style music (Have Mercy Las Vegas – get a listen on Soundwave).  After wandering from here, David suggested we take a walk – again can recommend this to anyone!  Some of the most beautiful views in the world.

After wandering along the loch side on the path and looking at the ducks, we stood on a deck over the water for a while… David hung back and was looking through the bag – for the camera I assumed – and took some photos of me pulling faces from under my hood (the rain made many appearances).

Eventually we walked along and came across a path marked as an official walk, which went up some wee dirt stairs up the side of the hill.  As soon as we started to climb…  The famous Scottish midges set in…  So we were basically running up the side of a very rustic hill, batting away the solid wall of ravenous, blood sucking midges out out faces, trying to keep them out of our eyes and mouths.  In other words, the most romantic stroll ever.

And then, we were at the top.  There was an uninterrupted view of Loch Lomond, the midges cleared and the rain stopped.  And then, that boy that I love so damn much, dropped onto one knee… Shakily took out a small black box… Opened it with red, wet eyes… and asked me to marry him.

And I said “Hahaha, no!” and knocked the ring out his hand into some ferns by accident.  Because I am awful.  But obviously, I was kidding, and within seconds, we had relocated the ring – My engagement ring – And it was on my finger… Where it will stay for the rest of my life.  Or until my fingers swell beyond recognition…

Best day of my life really… 🙂

Flawless – An explanation…

A name like The Flawless Bride could be perceived to be arrogant… The story is much less glamorous and far more dorky than it would seem.

At the same time, I have tried to incorporate the world Flawless into our wedding at every opportunity… I cannot wait to see how some of my creations turn out.

Anyway, the story behind the relevance of Flawless for us…


My surname – Fleming

His surname – Lawless


Our conjoined surname – Flawless

I feel like the name should sparkle… Oh yes, it shall sparkle! 🙂


A small glimpse into the madness…